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Services and Pricing

We provide in-home and online tutoring for the greater San Diego and San Francisco areas. Our ever-expanding portfolio of tutors serves middle- and high-school students in common subjects such as mathematics, English and history.

SAT/ACT Tutors

A good score on the SAT or ACT is often the deciding factor for college admissions agents. Let us help your child get into the college of their dreams. As a parent, you may feel overwhelmed at the amount of information out there regarding test-taking strategies and subjects covered. Not only that, but these tests also change over time. Let our expert tutors handle the test prep for you.

Teacher Tutor Package

Teachers love what they do. They encourage children to dream big on a daily basis and genuinely enjoy working with them. Not only are they passionate educators, but they know what it’s like to be a lifelong student, constantly learning in order to continue being effective teachers. With our Teacher Tutor packages, we bring teachers and teachers-in-training to you at your convenience, in-home and online.

High School Junior Package

Junior year can be a hectic time. Not only does your child need to make the final report card they submit to college admissions officers a good one, but they also need to select and apply to several colleges. We can help. Not only do we offer summer tutoring to start junior year off strong, but we also offer college essay writing help from licensed English teachers.

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